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Furureal Group

FUTUREAL: Budapest ONE Business Park

FUTUREAL: Budapest ONE Business Park

FUTUREAL: Budapest ONE Business Park
The business park is located at a multi-modal transport intersection that includes the Metro 4 line, Kelenföld Railway Station and the M1 and M7 motorway links to western Hungary, Austria and Croatia. According to Futureal, 165,000 people use the Kelenföld terminal of Metro 4, the railway station and bus station on a daily basis.  
“Besides the unique design, location is becoming more important for tenants, which makes areas close to the underground lines more valuable, especially those that also offer an employee-focused service environment,” says Tibor Tatár, CEO of Futureal. “Due to the labor shortage, companies are able to apply attractive offices as direct recruitment tools. Budapest One can be accessed within ten minutes from the city center by direct connections,” he added. The completion of Metro 4 was central to the timing of the development.
Business, Service and Leisure
Futureal says it aims to create a business, service and leisure hub on the 22-hectare site. The 53,000 sqm Etele Plaza shopping center at the complex it is also developing is scheduled for delivery in mid-2020. This is the second brownfield development project by Futureal after the Corvin Promenade urban regeneration project.
The complex, designed by Paulinyi-Reith & Partners Architectural Studio (formerly the Mérték Group), will include a 5,000 sqm open interior green area, meditation room, green roof garden, bicycle storage facilities with showers, a so-called nano-technology carwash, rooftop running track and electric car charging facilities.
There are 900 underground parking spaces below the offices.

A Futureal a kelet-közép-európai régió egyik vezető ingatlanfejlesztő és befektető cégcsoportja, Európa 10 legnagyobb ingatlanfejlesztője között tartják számon. Alapítása óta a Futureal-csoport portfóliója több mint 100, összesen több mint 2 millió négyzetméter bruttó alapterületű ingatlanfejlesztési projekttel bővült 3 milliárd euró értékben.

A projekt a Paulinyi-Reith & Partners építésziroda koncepciója alapján valósult meg.



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